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VAN HELEN: The Dave Years, The Sammy Years, All The Inside Stories

Software used: Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator

One of my largest art projects was a magazine redesign for my Editorial Design class, and the magazine I chose was a Van Halen magazine published shortly after Eddie Van Halen's tragic death.  The magazine goes into great details of the band's history, their various members and albums, and what they would do to get ready for live performances.  For my assignment, I had to redesign each and every page of the magazine, using different fonts and colors that best fit with a rock-and-roll documentation.  It was difficult to find the right fonts, but I eventually settled on Bebas Neue for the section titles and Berlin Sans FB for the paragraphs.


van halen 3.png
van halen 4.png


2022-12-06 11.45.42.jpg
2022-12-06 11.45.50.jpg
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