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Sly Fox Creatives

Sly Foxes Creatives was a hypothetical brand I created in my Professional Design Practices class.  The objective was to create a brand based around an animal, and I chose a fox because of their sly and snarky nature.  Sly Fox Creatives is an organization that uses art to discuss mental health and help people come forward with their struggles, and while it is purely conceptual, I decided to continue using the fox logo going forward because of how much it relates to me and my history.

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Style Guide


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Cover Letter

Leave Behinds

During interviews, it's important to make a lasting impression, and the best way to do that is to give the interviewer something that represents your brand.  Unfortunately, simple business cards are more than likely to be thrown away, so you need to give them something not only memorable, but also useful.  This is why for my hypothetical leave behinds, I designed hard cover sketchbooks with not just my brand name and info, but also various quotes relating to mental health.  Not only would they spread positive messages, but they would also provide extra paper for the interviewer to either take notes or simply sketch away.

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