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Oh Captain, My Captain!

o captain.png

One of my favorite projects I have done while at George Mason was titled "The One That Got Away," where we had to recreate an art piece from one of our previous classes.  A year prior to this assignment, I had created an illustration that went along with the poem "Oh Captain, My Captain" by Walt Whitman, but I felt as if the end result was very rushed and not as organized as I had hoped.  Therefore, I chose that illustration to be recreated for the assignment, but I also wanted to try something different to make the project feel more like a graphic design piece.

Software used: Clip Studio Paint and Adobe XD

Concept Sketches

concept sketches copy.jpg
colored and shaded frames copy.jpg

Colored and Shaded Frames

Adobe XD


I decided that simply redrawing and redesigning this piece with the same instructions wouldn't teach me much. Instead, because I had taken Web Design the previous semester, I decided to make a series of webpages using Adobe XD to display the poem and the art piece, with each page gradually adding onto the illustration.

o captain.png

View the redesigned project.

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